CSS is an intuitive and very user-friendly system which has practical features that expedite minuscule tasks and free up staff time to focus more on core correctional practices.  The CSS team are also phenomenal in maintaining their knowledge about legislative and procedural changes.
Dr. Gregory Dillon,
Director of Brazoria County
When our company experienced explosive growth and we needed a case management system that could handle the volume, we turned to CSS. From initial integration to technical support to program changes and upgrades, CSS has provided responsive and quality services far beyond our expectations. For any agency in need of case management support, I highly recommend CSS.
Michael Popplewell,
CSRA Probation Services, Inc.
It’s not often that a Director makes a decision that pleases everyone. According to my staff, choosing Corrections Software was one of the best decisions I ever made. Everyone loves all the features, reports, and conveniences that CSS provides. Moreover, the staff at CSS has been professional and very responsive to all of our needs and requests for adjustments.
Steve Henderson,
Director of Lubbock County
The CSS kiosk has streamlined the reporting process for the offender and the officer. It has helped alleviate some of the pressure from the busy front desk. CSS was with us every step of the way and made it a very smooth transition.
Roxane Marek,
Director of Matagorda County
The TaxPRO staff has not failed to exceed our expectations, from negotiation to service implementation, rare in today’s world. The flexible financing options, an in-depth awareness of Arkansas legal requirements, a keen understanding of the county culture, and the user-friendly menu has convinced us that we made the very best decision in selecting TaxPRO.
Debra Buckner,
Pulaski County Collector, Arkansas
I like that I know what I’m paying. I don’t have to worry about how much I have to pay for my software. I recommend TaxPRO to everyone looking for new software, the system is a time-saver, and the support you receive from TaxPRO is priceless.
Rebecca Talbert,
Garland County Arkansas Collector, Arkansas
This transition to the updated financial software is going to be so valuable, not only to Wilson County staff and elected officials but to our constituents who rely on the county to protect the integrity of county finances by a dual system of checks and balances. FI allows us to do just that.
Brenda Trevino,
Wilson County Auditor, Floresville, TX
It was remarkable the progress our staff and FI made to install and train on the new software as COVID-19 was breaking out.” Mrs. Overstreet said, “her team and FI had to rewrite the playbook in real time to overcome the challenges presented as COVID-19 forced us to change the way we work and interact with the public.” And that, “The FI software made it extremely easy because of its ability to run over the Internet.
Brenda Overstreet,
Childress County Auditor, Childress, TX
I am writing this letter in reference to our recent conversation to/installation of your Justice Solutions Jail Software.

Despite the fact that our internet is outdated and slow, Chris Robertson from Justice Solutions never gave up and helped us work through our problems. He helped us identify what the issue with our system was and was very patient with us as we sought a solution.

Chris was friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and patient throughout the training and installation process. My staff were initially very nervous about the new program, but after a few hours with Chris those fears were relieved. Chris worked long hours at my jail and Sheriff’s Office during the installation. He was in by 6AM and often times was thill here at 10PM. His customer service is the best I’ve ever seen and my staff absolutely loved him.

I believe your product is the best one on the market. It is very comprehensive and very suer friendly. It is a well thought out and designed product. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a new Jail/Dispatch/Reporting system.
D. Scott Sawyer
I am writing this letter to inform Justice Solutions that the CAD system has been put into place and has been up and running for approximately 10 days. I had the privilege of meeting Chris Roberson and learn what Justice Solutions was about. After seeing your company’s presentation, I felt that this was what we were looking for in a product and service. I spent 3 ½ days with Chris while he made sure our dispatchers were comfortable with the CAD system before he left our facility. Since his last day, our dispatchers have had some issues that have came up but were quickly resolved by the outstanding customer service. I, along with the administration at the Sheriff’s Office have been completely satisfied with the product we received as well as the service that has been rendered to the Sheriff’s Office. Chris has not only accommodated the sheriff’s office to make sure the system was installed in a timely manner but he also made sure the dispatchers had the confidence to run a new system in a short time. I would like to commend the efforts that were made by Chris Roberson in making sure that the St. Francis County Sheriff’s Office made a successful and smooth transition into our new dispatch with your software.
Larry Jones,
Asst. Jail Administrator
Today is the six-week anniversary of the installation of your Indigent Healthcare Systems software in Burnet County. It also marks six weeks of celebration, knowing Burnet County made the right decision to license your software and services.

Since the installation of your software, Burnet County has been able to streamline our Indigent Health Care program by processing invoices more quickly, efficiently, and accurately. The program is not only a money-saver, but a time- and stress-saver. Our clients are better served by concise and accurate applications processing and notifications. Our providers are very pleased with our payment schedules and the ease of information retrieval when they call our office.

IHS has provided us with the means to keep up with the increased number of applications and reports that are required of us. Many important functions had been neglected in the past because we lacked the time to accomplish them. With the IHS software we complete these tasks in a matter of seconds, not numerous manual man-hours.

Thanks, too, to your wonderful support staff who are ALWAYS available to answer my questions–no matter how trivial, silly, significant, or insignificant they might be. I have never failed to reach someone when I need them, and they always know the answer!

Thanks to you, your staff, and your IHS software. You have made my job easier and the Burnet County IHC program more cost effective and user friendly. I would be more than happy to recommend your organization and product to anyone who is interested in making their IHC program better.
Carole Ellis,
Burnet County IHC Director, Burnet, TX
Roosevelt County recently entered into a contract with Indigent Healthcare Solutions (IHS). Our software was installed and I was trained last month. In only one month, it has become clear to me and my County Manager that we have saved our taxpayers significantly. I do not think it is unrealistic that very soon we will have saved far more for our county than we will pay IHS over the course of a year and I cannot place a value on the efficiencies the new software has brought to my office.

Upon installing the software, we realized we had not been calculating the Medicaid rates correctly. The software has the most current CPT and DRG rates pre-loaded. Once you enter a CPT code on the patient bill the software automatically calculates the correct Medicaid rate. Wow!

As a new customer I was able to attend IHS’ annual customer conference last week in Galveston, Texas. I thought you might enjoy my observations. Because I was so new to the software I had no preconceived ideas what to expect. On the first day of the event, over 150 indigent health care managers and case workers listened to IHS describe the current and future state of indigent health care. Indigent health care employees from different states shared their best practices and IHS demonstrated unique software solutions which had been developed for their customers, such as document scanning.

After lunch on the first day there were four breakout sessions where IHS demonstrated over 100 new features of their next software release and encouraged their customers to fill out new feature request forms indicating what they would like IHS to work on in 2016 and beyond. IHS then hosted a poolside dinner for all of their customers. On the final day, we participated in a seminar regarding cyber security as it relates to county government and listened to what IHS was doing to combat this growing threat. What I found interesting was that there was a true feeling of family at the IHS conference. I had never experienced anything like it. Not a single customer had anything but glowing remarks about IHS, the staff, and the software. Many of the people I met had been customers of IHS for many years.

You can imagine how, after we decided to be the first county in New Mexico to contract with IHS, I was anxious that we made the right choice. My experience with them during the installation of the software and attending their conference made all of my anxiety disappear. Many of the customers I spoke to are paying IHS the same amounts today as they paid when they first signed up. I don’t want to sound like I am gushing but it was very refreshing to find a vendor that did exactly what they said they would do. I hope you find this interesting and I invite you to call me with any questions you may have realizing that I am new to the software myself.
Carol Acosta-Flores,
Roosevelt County IHC Director, Portales, NM