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Since our inception in 1994, CSS has operated with the goal of providing a product to our customers that reigns far superior to any of our competitors. We recognized the need for an application that worked for our customers, not one that required our customers to work for it. We want you to focus on the success of your clients, not the database.

We have risen to the top by providing an easy to use web-based product that is solid in its core and comes with strong service orientation. Our vision has always been to provide a forward based application based on customer feedback and knowledge gained through 20 years of being in the field.

CSS has streamlined the day to day duties of the officer while also collecting and providing a vast amount of statistical data to administration. All being done behind the scenes causing zero additional work for the officer.

With this goal in mind, we have grown our product from a small Texas probation package to the #1 provider in Texas, a nationwide application with products serving adult and juvenile probation departments in other states, the private sector of the corrections industry, pre-trial departments, detention facilities, specialty courts, and other divisions of the corrections industry.

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